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      About us

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           Zhejiang Zhongli Group Co.,Ltd., founded in 1987, is a Sci-tech enterprise in the fields of designing, empoldering, producing, sales and technology advisory service for bicycle locks, E-bike locks, wheel locks, motor bike locks, and encapsulation material for PV modules through two decades of great efforts .It is both a leading enterprise of lock manufacturing & scientific research center of locks in China. Approved by Daily Hardware Association of Technology Empoldering of China, we established the national bicycle research institution "The Bicycle Lock Center of China".
          In the development, Zhongli focus on research and development, technological innovation and management innovation, with a number of national patents, design and develop of hundreds of new products each year, Company certified IS-O9001Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environment Management System, GB/T28001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, to assume national standard formulating organization GB21556-2008 < General safety technique requirement of locks> and industry standard QB1001-2006 revision. Most of items have passed T??V international safety certificate. Besides, we gained many honors, such as "TOP 10 Lock-Kings in China", "China Productivity Promotion Award", "Enterprises Technology Center in Zhejiang", "Hi-tech Enterprise in Zhejiang", "Patent Demonstration Enterprise in China", "Famous Brand in Zhejiang", "AAA Credit Company in Zhejiang", etc. Products selling in major cities, over 80% export to Europe, Japan more than 50 regions and countries.
          We sincerely look forward to create the rapid development together with friends all over the world.

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